Creating Capital and Finding Financial Solutions For Your Commercial Projects

Financial Strategies For Creating Working Capital There are of course a myriad of financial scenarios that surround any large commercial deal or high finance transaction. One being entrepreneurs that are Asset Rich & Cash Poor and would like to be in a liquid/cash position quickly. There are ways to monetize bankable assets in as quick as 10 banking days. Only thing needed is an Avaled Promissory Note from a credible Bank for at least USD $5 Million. The Client must have Viable Assets, such as Securities, Real Estate, Art, Gems, Commodities etc. which they could pledge / assign or transfer to their Bank in exchange for their Banks providing an AVAL on their Corporate Promissory Note made out in favor of the Lender.These types of commercial loans are out there and available at a really reasonable interest rates. Globally this will be a financial Godsend. Interest rates this low, (currently around 8%) will be commercially liberating for areas such as Eastern and Central Europe, Asia and South America, were it is common to find interest rates twice that much. But anyone looking for project funding and who is asset heavy, can see the attraction of a loan at around 8% interest and with working capital in 10 banking days.Getting a Bank to Aval a Promissory Note is a simple and mutually beneficial process. There is no imposition upon the cash reserves of the Bank and the Bank is fully secured prior to providing the Aval . Promissory notes do not require to be entered as a liability on the Banks books, and you have liquidated your asset without having to sell it.Other commercial project planners find them selves collateral shy and need to enhance there credit. What is needed then is an added asset enhancement to establish an “Initial Financial Bridge” in order to first qualify for the Credit with the bank and gain the critical time needed to create the Equity required by the Banks in order to qualify for standard institutional finance at a later stage.These credit enhancement financial instruments such as stand by Letters of Credit (SBLC) and Bank Guarantees (BG), can be leased for as little as 13% of the face value. (13 million turns to 100 million).Depending on the scope of the financial strategies, creating capital and finding Commercial project funding has several viable possibilities.

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