Creating Capital and Finding Financial Solutions For Your Commercial Projects

Financial Strategies For Creating Working Capital There are of course a myriad of financial scenarios that surround any large commercial deal or high finance transaction. One being entrepreneurs that are Asset Rich & Cash Poor and would like to be in a liquid/cash position quickly. There are ways to monetize bankable assets in as quick as 10 banking days. Only thing needed is an Avaled Promissory Note from a credible Bank for at least USD $5 Million. The Client must have Viable Assets, such as Securities, Real Estate, Art, Gems, Commodities etc. which they could pledge / assign or transfer to their Bank in exchange for their Banks providing an AVAL on their Corporate Promissory Note made out in favor of the Lender.These types of commercial loans are out there and available at a really reasonable interest rates. Globally this will be a financial Godsend. Interest rates this low, (currently around 8%) will be commercially liberating for areas such as Eastern and Central Europe, Asia and South America, were it is common to find interest rates twice that much. But anyone looking for project funding and who is asset heavy, can see the attraction of a loan at around 8% interest and with working capital in 10 banking days.Getting a Bank to Aval a Promissory Note is a simple and mutually beneficial process. There is no imposition upon the cash reserves of the Bank and the Bank is fully secured prior to providing the Aval . Promissory notes do not require to be entered as a liability on the Banks books, and you have liquidated your asset without having to sell it.Other commercial project planners find them selves collateral shy and need to enhance there credit. What is needed then is an added asset enhancement to establish an “Initial Financial Bridge” in order to first qualify for the Credit with the bank and gain the critical time needed to create the Equity required by the Banks in order to qualify for standard institutional finance at a later stage.These credit enhancement financial instruments such as stand by Letters of Credit (SBLC) and Bank Guarantees (BG), can be leased for as little as 13% of the face value. (13 million turns to 100 million).Depending on the scope of the financial strategies, creating capital and finding Commercial project funding has several viable possibilities.

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To Start A Small Business You Need To Hire A Business Attorney

Starting a small business of your own can be a real challenge as much as it is a satisfaction. On the one hand, any business, however small, demands time and hard work on your part as its proprietor. On the other hand, running such a business will give you the satisfaction that derives from knowing that you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur in your own right. As it is, a business enterprise can give you the financial freedom that is otherwise impossible to gain if you are just an ordinary employee or professional. One’s own business is therefore considered as an indicator of achievement, and even prestige.Before starting your business enterprise, however, you should make sure that you understand all matters related to it. It is a fact that some investors who have the capital to initiate a start-up business gets confused over many things such as the pertinent laws and legal requirements that must be met before starting to operate the business itself.It is one of the most important factors to consider hiring a business attorney, then, in starting a small business. First and foremost, a business attorney can assist you in dealing with complex legal requirements in operating your small business. They are also in the best position to offer sound advice that relates to legal matters attendant to the operation of your business.In choosing your business attorney, you should consider the following points: retainer cost, references and recommendations, as well as personality. Hiring an attorney should not cost you a substantial amount of money. In the first place, you are just starting off as a small business owner and theoretically speaking, you still don’t have enough cash revenues to put on paying an expensive lawyer. References and recommendations, on the other hand, will serve you well in looking for a good business attorney.If you personally know of other entrepreneurs in the area, you might as well ask them about the attorney whom they have worked with before. If they have had a successful working relationship with a particular lawyer, there is a good chance that they will recommend such a lawyer to you, giving you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you have a professional lawyer to take care of your business’ legal matters. Finally, you should also take note of the lawyer’s personality. It is a given, of course, that you would naturally want an attorney that you are comfortable working working with.Tha factors as outlined above are just some of the reasons why a small business enterprise needs the services of a business attorney. It would do well for any small business to have an attorney deal with the legal aspects of operation, especially so at the outset when the business is just about to be established.

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Lies, Damn Lies and the Gender Pay Gap

Popularised by author Mark Twain, who attributed it to British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli, the quote “Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics” has never been more appropriate than when applied to the issue of the Gender Pay Gap.The term itself is often misquoted but generally when people quote “the gender pay gap” what they mean is the percentage by which the average hourly rate of pay for women in full time employment is lower than the average hourly rate of pay for men in full time employment.For Europe generally that figure is 17%. UK statistics show a lower figure of 14.9%, the USA higher at about 22%, although there are lots of arguments about these rates. The goal, in terms of gender equality, is to narrow that gap and to do that we have to reach a point where women earn the same as men.But this is where it starts to get complicated.First the term average means by definition that half the population are doing better than that and the other half are worse off. So there are lots of examples where women are earning the same or even better than men – but there are also lots of examples where the position is far worse.In fact once we start to unravel the statistics we find a number of very disturbing facts.Some employment sectors like health and financial services are a lot worse than the average – while the public sector is mostly better. In the UK Financial services sector for example, the gender pay gap is a staggering 55%. However the way the gender pay gap is calculated actually makes the problem seem better than it really is.This statistic tells us that on average women working full time earn just $450 for every $1000 earned by men. In order to equalise pay we need to increase women’s pay. If we increased average pay for women by 100%, another $450 in my example, that would be $900 – still not equal to men.If we express the gender pay gap by reference to how much women earn instead of the other way around, the figures become unpalatable. In the financial services industry men in full time employment earn on average 122% more than women in full time employment – more than double. And this gets even worse when we look at part time earnings where the gender pay gap is much higher, in part because 78% of part time workers are woman.So why, nearly half a century after equal pay legislation, do we still have such an insurmountable problem with gender equality especially when statistics show that there is no real difference between the rates of pay for men and women when doing the same or equivalent jobs. I came across a very male oriented site that might give a clue.”… the 22-cent “pay gap” is neither a result of gender bias nor workplace discrimination. It can be explained entirely by the fact that women as a group tend to make certain very logical and legitimate employment-related choices which, while affording them a number of benefits that they value highly, tend to suppress incomes – Male Matters USA.”Let’s consider this. Over 70% of employees in healthcare are female, yet the highest paid jobs are largely held by men and for many years women were excluded from those higher paid jobs. The jobs traditionally employing women are lower paid than the jobs traditionally employing men. Women seem to be better than men in work involving social and caring skills, where men seem to be better than women in manufacturing and construction work.However the choice of career is not entirely legitimate, logical or free from bias. Women are socialised into expecting to work in traditionally female work and to expect to take a career break to have children. There is plenty of evidence to show that by the age of two or three children have very clear beliefs regarding gender roles, behaviour and expectations.More importantly most of us have undergone the same gender socialisation process as a result of which we tend to be unconsciously biased towards encouraging women away from higher paid jobs. If a man works long hours he is applauded, where a woman will be criticised. If a woman negotiates hard and is money orientated she will be viewed as unfriendly and selfish – where a man is considered dynamic and successful.It is very difficult for a man to see and understand that unconscious bias and hidden prejudice – I could not see it as a man, but now living as a woman and subjected to that bias it is a different story, especially when I lost the natural privileges granted to men.Imagine a world where most women did, as most men apparently do, seek work primarily for the purpose of accumulating wealth or refused to work in low paid industries like healthcare and education, or chose not to have children or handed them over to low paid child carers. Is that really a better alternative?The problem is that many women are good at social skills and enjoy caring just as many men are good at construction and enjoy making things and without that balance of skills and passions our society would be much poorer. Unfortunately we don’t value the work we expect women to do as much as we value the work we expect men to do and until we change our values we will continue to have gender inequality.

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How A Dallas Fort Worth Group Health Insurance Brokers Can Save Businesses Valuable Time and Money

Many small to mid-sized business owners in Dallas Fort Worth turn over duties like shopping for more affordable group health insurance quotes to their administrative assistants. This is an acceptable and perfectly normal practice.Yet, an administrative assistant is often left with little guidance other from their boss other than “find a group health plan in Texas that is more affordable than what we have,” or to “shop around to find the best rates.” This article is designed to give the administrative assistance some basic information that can help the overall process and the results of shopping around for group health insurance.First of all, businesses should know that group health insurance is a highly regulated and very competitive business. Four health insurance carriers, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, United Healthcare, Aetna and Unicare represent about 80 % of the small group health insurance market in Texas. Each of these four group health insurance companies are financially “A rated, and have their own extensive PPO health care provider networks throughout the state.Many of the other group health insurance companies that offer health plans “rent” another company’s PPO healthcare provider network. Some of these other health insurance companies are not as financially strong, with an AM Best rating of less than “A.” While many of these other group health insurance companies are good companies, a company should be sure to review plans from the top four companies first and should have a good reason why to consider another company’s plans.If a business owner or administrative assistant picks up the phone and contacts each insurance company individually, they will waste considerable time and effort, and will not get any better rates than if they contacted a competent group health insurance broker who represents all or several companies.Likewise, if a business owner or administrative assistant surfs the net and fills out a form with their company’s contact information and employee census information in order to get a quote, they can be assured of getting several calls a day for months, as that online form that they filled out was likely from a lead generation company that turns around and sells that information to dozens or hundreds of agents who will in turn contact the company and ask for an appointment.The best place for a business owner or administrative assistant to start is to select a knowledgeable group health insurance broker or multi-line insurance agency who will listen to their needs and ask the questions that are needed to provide the type of plan designs and programs that will meet the business needs.A company does not pay any more or any less for going through a group health insurance broker; the rates are the same whether a company works directly with an insurance company or through a broker. And since a broker will be much more attentive to the company needs than a big group health insurance company, the company will get service and expertise at no extra cost.Actually, every group health insurance company in Texas reserves the right to modify the initial rates quoted to a company based on the underwriting of the individual employee health insurance applications, and a knowledgeable broker will make certain that their client knows this and may ask questions regarding the number of major health claims that the company incurred during the past year, or the number of known employees or dependents with health issues, so that the broker can give the company a better estimate of what the final rates may be before the applications are submitted to the group health insurance carrier for underwriting approval.A knowledgeable group health insurance agent should also have a good general understanding of which insurance companies are likely to be the most competitive based on the type of company, the size of the business, and overall age makeup of the company’s workforce even before the underwriting process is completed.A good to great group health insurance agent is truly a trusted advisor to the firm, and can recommend plan designs and programs that over the long term will save the company hundreds of thousands of dollars, such as Consumer Driven Health Plans like health savings accounts or health reimbursement arrangements, and complementary programs like employee wellness plans that can work in tandem to reduce future health insurance rate increases.A company should beware if a group health insurance agent promises to “save the company money” with competitive rates, without knowing anything about the company. Chances are the agent is trying to tell the company what they want to hear in order to win their business. Likewise, the group health insurance agent who “pushes” one company’s plans without presenting alternatives may have a hidden agenda. And the group health insurance agent who offers a round of golf, a free lunch, or ticket to sporting events to win a company’s business may also not have knowledge and expertise or have the company’s best interests at heart.The Dallas group health insurance broker who has received specialized training in employee benefits and consumer driven health plan design, such as the CBC (Chartered Benefits Consultant) professional designation, and who asks the prospective client for a half hour of time to discuss their needs and get the information that they need to come back and present thought out recommendations based on a survey of all of the major carriers in the company’s area is the type of agent or agency that an administrative assistant can be assured has the company’s best interests at heart.

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Automotive Locksmith: Tips To Find The Right One

You will find lots of locksmith professional services and businesses in every state. Locksmiths that give services in commercial and residential may not totally suggest that they can be experienced in accessing closed autos. You will come to know businesses that say they’re skillful in the vehicle service although they aren’t. Selecting an unauthentic and untrustworthy automotive locksmith can result to you paying for unneeded fees. In here, I will share some strategies so you can make certain that you receive help from the correct person or professional locksmith.An automotive locksmith professional should offer precise skills and comprehension on vehicle security gadgets and locks. This is because different types of cars usually have differing security technologies and locks. A company which doesn’t support the most suitable capabilities might be inclined to open the car by force or depend on inappropriate tools and methods that can lead to you paying more than the exact price. These are some key qualities and knowledge you have to attain to be certain your automotive locksmith is truly capable and efficient:1. Request Proof of Liability Insurance policies – You may request for liability insurance policy although your automotive is already covered. This can make sure that locksmith professionals are liable to compensate any wrecks they’ve brought on while opening your automobile.2. Pay Attention To Indications Of Reliability – When communicating with a service, determine if they have a personnel assigned to reply to your concerns. These personnel should be willing to provide you with the required information. Get to know your locksmiths. Take into account the way they talk with you since this can help with your evaluations.3. Have In Mind The Cost Bracket- Learning the cost of the kind of service will help you to find out if the fee they are prompting is more than the regular price structure. A lock tech who wouldn’t stipulate the price or fixed fee for the services is a bad sign. It is because there are scenarios where immediately after they complete the job, they then demand for an insanely significant charge where you have little option but to pay. You ought to also be cautious about low-cost services merely because they may be of bad quality.4. Request Referrals – Most likely, there are locksmith corporations inside your community. These localized locksmith services are usually popular among consumers in a particular locale. Consult with your pals, neighbors and the folks who are located in the vicinity of a specified company or business. This is a chance to know the clients’ straightforward opinion.5. Conduct Online Research – In the World Wide Web, you can learn about locksmith services that are existing in your location. Try to find customer’s opinions or assessments. Also you can check out the company’s main internet site and learn more about its featured services. You may get valuable details such as e-mail and contact number in which you can use to specifically speak with the professional locksmith.It is often hard to determine when you will essentially want the services of an automotive locksmith. Advance web search can help you identify the locksmith that can provide quality service at the most economical cost.

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